Affordable and reliable power systems in Greenwich

reliable power systemsGreenwich Power Systems, located at Riverside, is the most trustable and reliable dealers for efficient power systems of your home. Greenwich Power System provides your home with an affordable and very practical generator. You can be assured about the power system provided to you, as it will keep you and your family in the comfort zone during any power outage that might take place. Their products also assure you with years of service and an uninterrupted power supply, until power is restored back to your house.

Mentioned below are some home generator prices along with their features.

Guardian 7KW Generator – This generator is affordable and can serve as a good choice for portable backup power. Other features also include various quality and reliability aspects, and it is also the best seller of the Guardian series. It can power up refrigerators, pumps and many more appliances. The price of this generator is $1,799.

Guardian 8KW Generator – This generator provides essential circuit power protection for you and your home. This automatic standby generator protects your home for about half the cost of any central air conditioning. The price stands at $2,189.

Guardian 11KW Generator – This model has the ability to provide backup power to a well pump, water heater, a 3-ton air conditioner and also some of the rooms of your home. It is priced at $2,999.

Guardian 16KW Generator – This generator model has the feature of supplying power to the whole house during power cutoffs, when paired with one of Generac’s load shedding switches. It also has the capacity of backing up a five ton air conditioner, and costs about $3,479.

Guardian 20KW Generator with House Switch – This is one of the most powerful of generators which will provide your entire house with backup power during a power outage. The price of this generator is $4,499.

Synergy 20KW Generator with whole House Switch – This product is one of the smartest of the series, as it will give you brilliant power management by providing your home with power coverage. This is priced at $5,299.

Guardian 25KW Generator – This model can be also used in businesses, like gas stations or restaurants and even in small or medium size offices. The generator is very solid, reliable and has liquid a cooled engine, which can provide a great amount of power. The price of this is $8,399.

Guardian 30KW Generator – This model is not only solid, but also reliable along with an increased horsepower of an automotive style. It also features a liquid cooled engine. These features assure you that this model will supply power efficiently. It is largely convenient for stores, restaurants and offices and costs $9,469.

Guardian 36KW Generator – This generator gives you a peace of mind, as it keeps your power with the QuietSource 36KW. It keeps the power into a smaller footprint with very less noise when compared to other standard liquid cooled units. This product is available for $11,328.

With so many good options, picking the right generator shouldn’t be a burden anymore.




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