Baby Room Decorating Ideas

Baby Room Decorating IdeasDecorating a baby’s room can be both a simple thing and hard; it’s not easy most especially for those mothers that are planning to do it on their own but it’s fun. The best idea is if you hire an interior decorator to do the job. It’s quite expensive but at the end of the day the work is marvelous and you will feel comfortable with your new baby’s room.

Baby room decorating ideas

Beds and cribs

Baby’s bedding ranges from cribs, portable cribs, cradle bedding, twin bedding, toddler bedding, full bedding and many more. You can choose from a wide variety of beds that you feel are comfortable for your baby and also you can choose a variety of bedding to match. Just remember to ignore mediocre and choose only the best cribs.

Hanging names on walls

Also, you can include names in your baby’s room. This is a trendy thing that most mother-to be are doing by hanging their names on their walls in the nursery implying that it their baby’s room. This shows a personalized touch to the nursery.

Many women planning on giving birth all have beautiful imaginations of how their little angel’s rooms will turn out to be. The basic things are the painting, bed, furniture, accessories and other decors. But when it comes to designing a baby’s room here are some of the magnificent ideas you would love to choose from in order to make you baby’s room a comfortable place sleep in.


Most pregnant women love having themes as a baby room decorating idea, depending on the baby you will have like for boys you can choose sports, jungle safari, western cowboy, nautical, monkey frog and many others and for the baby girls you can apply; farm animal, sea life, floral, princess/fairy tale among others all these create a beautiful natural feeling in the room.


For girls it’s all about pink, yellow flora and any bright colors that bring warmth and make a room cute so for a baby girl’s room apply shades of a same color to make it look beautiful for example you can apply shades of yellow from the wall to the beddings and accessories. For boys it’s all about blue so you might want to make different shades in that color.


The room should also have furniture that coordinates with the theme and the paint. You can have a chair and a dresser table with a wardrobe where you keep the baby’s clothing’s. Be sure to arrange them in such a way that they are spaced and not over crowded in the room so that the room is large enough for other needs.


You should make sure that the light in the room is 100% natural. Arrange the curtain drapes in a way that they will bring mostly natural light into the room and also go for softer lights that can be used at night. In case of a brighter color avoid using heavy lighting.


If you are tight on your budget and are not able to get all these things, you can buy the basics like crib, dresser and baby products and invite your friends and let them help you out with the hand painting. Also don’t buy things that have rough or sharp edges as they bring harm to your baby. With these few baby room decorating ideas you will find it an exciting thing to do.

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