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interior decoratorsWe all love living in designer homes. Now getting oneself a perfect designer home requires a very careful thought process. There are several interior decorators, Doncaster available that you can hire to realize your dream house. Jemden Interiors are among the best.

Jemden Interiors offer interior decoration services. Whether it is a new building that requires interior decoration or any other kind of renovation needed in your house, Jemden stands out as your best option. They offer a number of services as listed below:

  • Designing Full Homes – Jemden proudly states it is one of the best home designers available in the market. They take up projects to design your newly built home or even renovate your existing home to match the trending aesthetic appeal. Be it any room in the house i.e. bedroom, bathroom, kids-bedroom or lounge, Jemden Interiors excel in designing your home to perfection.
  • Custom Furniture – Jemden provides you with a number of beautiful furniture that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your rooms. Jars, shades, mirrors, side-tables, wool rugs are a few items that are available to choose from. You can select your desired articles from their website, which also lists their prices.
  • Lighting – Proper lighting is a must to beautify your homes. Proper shades, right coloured lights to match the colour of the room and chandeliers go a long way in improving the look of your homes. A little extra budget should always be dedicated to obtaining proper lighting. Poorly lit homes tend to negatively affect the glow of your homes. Jemden Interiors allot a significant amount of resources for attaining the best lighting in your homes.
  • Window Covering – Window coverings are also very important for designing your home. Different kinds of curtains can be used as window covering. Since curtains are visible even from the outside, beautiful curtains become all the more necessary.
  • Lamp Shades and Bedheads – These are most concerned with bedrooms and lounges. Both these rooms need beautiful lamp shades and bedheads. They offer you a choice of selecting from a number of beautiful lamp shades and bedheads.

Interior decorating has been made very easy by Jemden Interiors by means of E-Design. It can be achieved in six simple steps:

  • You need to purchase an e-design that you want done for each room. This comes at $450.00 per room.
  • Jemden then sends you a questionnaire to fill out.
  • Post which you need to send your room photos and measurements.
  • On receiving these details, Jemden starts designing your room.
  • After completion of the design, they send you the design concept, space plan and shopping list. This also includes one round of revisions.
  • The items on your shopping list can either be ordered from Jemden itself or you can source your own similar items.

Established in 2004 by Andrea Davison, Jemden Interiors has worked with numerous clients to deign homes that they love. They service areas such as Lower Plenty, Kangaroo Ground, Donvale and Doncaster in Melbourne. If you reside in any of the mentioned places, you know whom to contact for all your interior designing works.

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