Make your lawns attractive with a touch of sod

touch of sodDo you want to place some grass on your lawn to make it look more natural? Then you can definitely use the services of clays lawn and snow. This company installs artificial grass in gardens and lawns to make them more natural looking and attractive. This company provides services to a large number of places, like Airdrie and Calgary. They provide many solutions at a very low cost. They have very trained workmen who always provides a quality experience. You can depend on them for all your gardening requirements. The aspects of their services are given below.

Price estimation of services

The company offers very high-quality workmanship for a very low price. They provide unbeatable value for money services in the whole region of Airdrie and Calgary. They have skilled gardeners who are very reliable. You can relax with them making your garden beautiful. They install the grass very quickly and neatly so that they grow healthy. They even provide a quote instantly, for which, you only have to call them.

Two different types of sods

Your home can be transformed in a matter of days. They implant special types of grass to the lawn to make it look attractive. One of their special services is a combo of Blue coloured grass and red coloured fescues. You can easily maintain these special types of sod, unlike your earlier grass lawn, which could get weed-ridden frequently.

These grasses are very thick and don’t leave any space for the growth of weeds. There is another reason for less weed growth, which is that, the weed also don’t receive much water for proper growth and also that the thick grass blocks much of the sunshine. This ensures less growth of weeds and healthy grass. These special sods can make your neighbours admire your lawn.

Advantages of artificially implanted grass

The artificially implanted grass, or sods, can be implanted very quickly over a couple of days or so. In some medium-sized lawns, sods can be implanted in only one day. They can install the grass in a proper manner which will ensure the health of the grass. However, plants only flourish if someone takes full care of them.

Taking care of the lawn

You just have to take care of them and love them, and in return, they will make your lawn beautiful and the lawn will be your pride forever. The grass would need watering. You also have to add fertilisers and manure to them from time to time. Obviously, the company will also provide you with some important advice on caring for the grass. They provide all the information that you can use for the growth of your sods. If you may have any kind of enquiry about their lawn products, you can call them. They will gladly provide you with either a solution or a replacement of your product.

If you are ready to book their services you can give them a call on their service number or you can book it via their website, or visit


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