New Metal Roofing Options in Australia

Metal roofing in AustraliaFor most of the time that I have been a professional roofer, I can safely say that one of the most important and vital media of roofing that I have been able to lay my eyes on have to be the metallic roofing systems. While in the past they were a pain in the neck especially for us roofers because of how chunky and heavy they were they have been trimmed down and are now among the most pleasant media in terms of roofing. I even wear a smile when I know I will be dealing with metallic sheets for roofing. I have seen many great roofing company’s, Elders Roofing offer a range of metal roofing services that are popular and affordable. We could spend an entire day talking about why I like them but instead let’s analyze why you should pick metal roofing and the options that you have.

Advantages of using metallic roofing.

• It is long lasting

• Versatile as this type of roofing comes in a variety of colors, textures and profiles.

• It is eco-friendly because you can be able to recycle it.

• Offers heightened security and peace of mind to the owner.

• Costly to start with but is a smart investment in the long term

• Is energy efficient especially if you use state of the art technologies like COLORBOND and THERMATECH.

• Easy to install.

Now that you are aware of what you stand to benefit if you opt for metal roofing, here are some of the options that you can select from.

Steel Roofing

Steel is among the most common metal roofing materials that I have had to deal with. This is because it is sturdy highly durable and also a lot has been done to make it resistant to rust. Currently, manufacturers are using heavy duty paint, zinc coating and a sealant to allow this kind of roofing to withstand the aspects of weather hence adding on to its life and given the many times I’m having to deal with it, it is safe to say that the consumers are happy with the efforts being made. Australia has many steel roof suppliers and many are based in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.

Metal roofing in Australia
Coloring and design

The best thing about steel is that it can come in a wide range of colors that include red and green most commonly but any color that comes to mind can be applied on this type of roofing. Additionally, the roofing can come in a variety of designs and textures that include the grooves, metal shingle or slate, metal tile or even vertical panel.


The cheapest form of steel roofing to fit is the shingle which costs at least $600 per square foot and $750 for the seam steel roof to install. Keep in mind that this costs are for installation and do not include the cost of removing the old roofing among other factors. The cost of the roofing varies widely from between $350 per square foot all the way to $1,100 for the same depending on the material that one chooses.


Mostly preferred for residential roofing and also the second most common metallic roofing material, Aluminum has its own share of benefits that include the light weight and resistance to rust that make it warm the hearts of many. Even though it does not rust, you will still need to have it coated for it to get that natural look and for a great finish as well.

Colors and design

In terms of colors, you’re still spoil for choice when it comes to aluminum roofing and the same applies for the designs of the roofing. The shingles, metal shake and vertical panel are all available for this material. However, there is some rising concern as to why people would use this material for roofing but that is a debate for another day.


The cost of installing aluminum roofing varies very widely more so because of the range of designs that it can come with. It is easily malleable and so it is easy for the manufacturers to go astray on this one. The cost of can range anywhere from $700 to $1,200 per square foot depending on the design.

Other metal roofing materials

While these are the most common. There are other more pricey and less used options like the copper and zinc metals roofs that have their own advantages but their price tags scare most of the customers away. Just because the roofs last long does not mean that you should have a random person do the installation. To be able to get the best outcome, you have to hire professional.

How to find the best roofing contractor in your area

• First, you need to do research or get referrals for the best roofers in the Brisbane area.

• Once you have a number of them, you can then set up meetings to evaluate each of them.

• In the meetings, look for precise things that can show the quality of their workmanship. Some of the things that you should look out for include;

– Experience.

– Professional references.

– Certification and licensing.

– Insurance coverage.


It may also help to ask for contacts to some of their previous customers to hear what they have to say about the services. If you achieve that you will not only have the best roofing material but also the best roof.

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